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Lemon mobile - anybody tried and/or used?


May 29, 2009
Lemon Mobile is a start-up company based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide a wide range of international travel SIM cards and other digital services for travelling to most overseas destinations, including Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East. We will also be launching products for South America and Africa very soon.



Established Member
May 18, 2012
My Map
Has anyone used Lemon yet?

Screen shot is showing unlimited data for 15 days to many countries (1 of many options to choose).



Junior Member
Oct 18, 2017
I just got back from the US, used the "USA/Canada travel SIM card (7 days)" $23.90, I think its $25.90 now

Heres my experience with the SIM

Delivery was fast to Sydney, a few days as promised

As a typical non manual reader I installed it when I was bored in the airport in Sydney. It did not work when I landed without fiddling with the APN settings,

What worked for me was using APN = Joytel
Using 'Joy' (as recommended) did not work

It used the AT&T network, speed was good, but it is a roaming SIM, based in Taiwan iirc, had to use a US VPN to un-geoblock some US sites

I used about 1GB a day with no issues, no slowdowns, Kayo worked over it, numerous whatapps video calls etc

They don't initially provide a Tax Invoice, just need to email them at hello@lemonmobile.com.au for one, although there was no GST charged anyway.