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Oct 4, 2013
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With fairly limited opportunity to earn KrisFlyer points in Australia, I've noticed a fair amount of marketing from SQ for KrisShop and more recently the Kris+ app to earn extra KF miles and make "savings" on shopping various products - either when spending cash or miles.

Has anyone had much experience with purchasing, and can share tips or know of any sweet opportunities to boost your KF balance?
Kris+ is a very unique product that allows POS earn/burn at merchants. This functionality is currently only available in Singapore however. In Australia, Kris+ allows for what is called 'privileges' which is essentially special offers from partners. Eg. 20% off hotel stay. Definitely try it if you have travel to SIN or even if you are transiting (you can use in Changi).

As an added bonus, if you have expiring KrisFlyer miles, you can actually convert these to Kris+ to use on the app (they don't expire on Kris+).

KrisShop has a lot of promos and being a 'KrisShopper' allows for boosted miles when purchasing via KrisShop.

Earn in AU there are several partners you can earn with however they're definitely not as prevalent (naturally) as QF and VA. But they are trying to do more with different partners.
Was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago.
Used Kris+ for the first time and got a10% discount too, was a smoothie shop so earnt 7 KF/$
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