Jetstar international flight (MEL-SIN) and infigher iPAD charger

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Oct 22, 2011
We are flying Jetstar MEL SIN on 11 Dec 2011 with family.I have heard Jetstar now offers iPAD for inflight use (with user fees) with preloaded movies/programs to use during international flights. Does any one know if Jetstar A330 have iPAD charger in flight as these are longer duration flights (7 hours+) for MEL-SIN and I am not sure if iPAD would have battery life to extend whole flight though Apple officially claims up to 10 hours battery with full charge but not sure if it would work without any charging during flight. I am asking because our kids do have iPAD but we are not 100% sure if they have iPAD/iphone charges in A330. thanks for your help with this.
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May 18, 2011
I read somewhere that they are being put in a special case designed for airlines by some company. The case has an extra battery built into. The cases are charged on the ground and when the iPad goes flat they swap it into a case with a full charged battery.

Also the case prevents people from pressing the home button. So that you are forced to use only the apps they allow you.

Wayne Herring

May 4, 2011
There's a good description of it here on Australia Business Traveller (Google "australian business traveller jetstar ipad", sorry my post count isn't high enough to include links).

If you were planning on bringing your own iPad then there's no in seat power on the A330 unless you're travelling up front in Business. That said with wi-fi disabled and a full battery charge the iPad should go pretty close to lasting the whole flight if not a bit longer, at least my iPad 2 does.


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Feb 5, 2011
I flew JQ from HNL to SYD, (10 hours) and the supplied iPad still had power at the end. Wasnt used every minute of the flight but a good portion of it
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