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Jetstar 787 suffers engine problem in Japan


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Jul 22, 2008
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Question - NZ announcement?

As posted this exact rego was getting what appears was last minute urgent maintenance in Auckland. Then positioned to Cairns.

787 maintenance is Melbourne based and in house so this was definitely non scheduled maintenance.
Oct 13, 2013
Reports from various places suggest a double engine surge - AKA a dual engine compressor stall and starting at around 15000 feet.

Causes can be:
(a) ingestion of foreign material on the airfoil blades interrupting efficient air flow. No active volcanoes in the region at the time
(b) bird strike - do birds fly at 15000 feet? (interesting side topic but some do! - some birds fly over the Himalayas during migratory periods)
(c) the angle of attack of the compressor airfoil blades causing a stall - which means the aircraft could have been operating in a way that causes this
(d) incorrect engine operation - such as incorrect application of throttle

There was no mention of a bird strike and no volcanoes, so maybe c or d....


Nov 12, 2012
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Jetstar: Fuel additive led to near double engine malfunction on a Jetstar 787 (The Oz, possibly paywalled - google the headline)

A chemical added to fuel to kill microbiological growth is thought to have led to a near disastrous dual engine malfunction on a Jetstar 787, during a critical part of a flight from Cairns to Osaka last year.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has issued an airworthiness bulletin about Kathon biocide which Boeing had recommended be added to fuel in its aircraft.

The biocide has also been linked to other in-flight incidents involving dual engine surge, including one involving a UK-registered Airbus A321 in February this year.

CASA’s notice “strongly recommended” all aircraft operators and maintainers suspend the use of the biocide and seek engine and aircraft manufacturer advice on an appropriate alternative.
The Japan Transport Safety Board investigation, with assistance from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau was continuing, but a Jetstar spokeswoman said they had already acted to address the fuel issue.

“We were using Kathon biocide treatment on our B787 aircraft until May 2019, in accordance with Boeing’s recommendations,” said the spokeswoman.

“When we became aware of the potential impact it could have on engines, we immediately stopped using the product.”

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