Jet Star BNE-CNS

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Mar 15, 2004
:) Tried out Jet Star for the first time for an over nite trip BNE-CNS-BNE due to the cost of only $100 RTN, no points but an interesting trip.

Chk in at BNE Qantas Club easy, if you are not a QP member the Que was L O N G at the Jet Star area. Just made it into the first 50 to chk in, so first out of the block's for the free for all to find seats.

In time I am sure more will do as we did, just go for row 14/15 on the 717 for the exit rows, great leg row with out paying the is it extra $50 on Virgin to sit there? No problems in having this seat as most went for the first 10 rows. Aprox 110 pax BNE-CNS out of 125 configed.

Food to purchase, sevice, etc very much like Virgin without the in your face jokes and games.(yes I have flown them and will never again, long story)

RTN trip again long que's at check in, used QP to do it rather than, stand in line, just lucky to make into the first 50 to check in for the run to the 717 for the exit rows.

Again the word is not out and had no problem in gaining exit rows. RTN Flt 101 pax ( I asked the loading) Latter in the FLT, as the last row was empty I tried it out to see how the rest of the seating was like, very tight, pehaps about 29 inch pitch? With at great deal of noise due to the jet engine being just out side the window.

In all, would I do it again? yes, if the price was right and I could grab the exit rows, if not, I think not.
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