JAL Osaka codeshare on JQ

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Nov 28, 2006
drron said:
If you pay the JQ fare do you get a little paranoid when all around you being fed?
Not at all. :D

If you book via the JQi website, you can choose then, if you want to pre-purchase those meals... in fact, if you change your mind after the booking, you can still ring up and use your credit card to pre-purchase any of the add-on-packs for your booking. Alternatively, you can change your mind on board, and buy then (this is more expensive than pre-purchasing, and you do risk they will run out before they get to you.)

On flights, where I have chosen not to pre-purchase, I sit there quite content (while others are fed) in the knowledge that it was my choice, and I got a better fare for it!

To add to my response, I don’t like having to pre-purchase packs for both legs of a return journey. (Haven’t got to the stage of buying separate one ways though.) As, from Asia, the flight home is often a red eye, when you don’t want a meal, video player, but you do want a blanket! (& Just to be left alone, with the lights out!)
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