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Jal Nrt-icn

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Dec 26, 2006
Took the train (6:45am) to the airport and arrived with plenty of time to spare of so i thought ! Wandered towards the JAL check in and was just amazed at the number of people (It was a saturday morning), with JAL not oneworld and me only flying Y this short 2 and half hour trip i found a line (there is lots of them for std economy check in) and waited... and waited... finally though all the people and get to the nice young check in girl and ask her to check that my AA FF details were in the flight and not my QF ones as my travel agent would have no doubt done., she does this and then phones somebody and talks in Japanese (as expected).

Hand me the boarding pass and says i have been upgraded :)
But i can't use the lounge today as i am upgraded (I should have been able to use it with my QFF card anyway but i didn't bother today as it was almost time to board)

Onboard the 744 looked like it was from the 80's !!! whats with the pink walls and strange themes these planes have (interior fleet renewal in next 2 years see other threads)

Delayed on the tarmac but hardly notice, service isi great, drinks offered.

Immigration forms provided along with menu (some english in menu)

Take off good, simply circle above NRT to some alititude and you can see NRT airport below, then off to Seoul.

Flight nice, seats not the most comfortable, moveable headreast would have been nice since i am a little taller than the avg Japanese person.
Meal was very traditional Japanese, no other option ! - ok with me as i like the food, too bad if your an American flying oneworld and expect a western meal. Wonder if that will change soon ?

Landing was the smoothest i have ever had ! pilot must be very good, taxi way had a lot more bumps than landing.

Seoul ICN imigration was very fast, new airport is great, bags to a while to come out.
Bus to Sofitel was good the limo buses are only seating 3 accross, 1 on one side and 2 on the other, like J class bus :)

Sofitel is interesting,mini bar has some local beer and only spirit choice is 350ml bottles of Hennessy VSOP, JW Black, and Chivas, too bad i don't drink scotch.
Nice hotel, has gym, pool, sauna, indoor driving range, usual features.
Not the best rate but value for money.

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