Is it time for me to change from QF to AA?

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Apr 23, 2012
Greetings all, long time no posting for me although I have been lurking infrequently. The past few months have seen me move from Sydney to Alaska (long story!) As a result of this move and recent changes to the QF program, I am questioning whether it is worth seeking to increase my FF status with QF (currently only PS but partner is SG) or just give the entire program the flick and move to AA. Advice from the fonts of knowledge on AFF would be greatly appreciated.

Some background that may help:
  • We both currently return to Australia approximately every 3 months, usually on paid Y or Y+ on QF or *Class on JQ via HNL. Most flights into LAX or HNL are on AS first class (hence not earning any SCs)
  • Partner is currently sitting on 815 SCs for the year and has a year end of Oct 31. We need to return to Oz in October and have yet to book flights, plus we need to fly from ANC to LAX return before in early Oct and have time to do a status run should it be worthwhile
  • Partner has received 50% SC bonus offer
  • I am currently on approx 400 SCs with a year end of 31 Dec and have QC although that expires end of August.

Given the changes to QC access internationally, I am questioning whether instead of paying $510 to renew for a year, I should put that money plus obviously around $1k more into gaining SG status via a status run over here (found one for approx $1400 that appears to yield 320 SCs) to ensure lounge access (a priority when it takes between 24 and 36 hours to get home depending on connections).

Ultimately, I'd love your thoughts on whether:
  • partner should pursue WP with QF this year
  • it's worth both of us staying with QF or whether we should move alliance to AA
  • there is any value in me trying to achieve SG and then changing programs.

All feedback welcomed and appreciated!
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