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Ion mobility spectrometry

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chocolate radiation man

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Jul 14, 2014
I am guessing that the explosive detection machines used at Australian airports use a Ion mobility spectrometry technology. This seems to be the most common device in use but seems to have a serious flaw - its operators!

A fellow from the site I work at recently did a dash south as his child had had quite a serious accident on his push bike (turned out a broken leg), so left the site as he was dressed complete with his boots on. He had been in an area where sulphur is used in one of our processes and had a dusting (bright yellow) on the top a a boot. Totally harmless in normal circumstances.

The inspection officer at out nearest airport while doing an explosive residue test on him, noticed the sulphur and took a sample for analysis in the Ion mobility spectrometer machine with the obvious result - negative.

On request of what the substance was, an explanation was given that it was used in the manufacture of our prime product from site. He was then forced to remove his boots for checking in rather than being able to wear them. He had no other shoes and was fortunate enough to be able to purchase some flip-flops from a shop inside the airport.

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