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Introducing the Australian Frequent Flyer Knowledge Centre

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Jun 18, 2002
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We are pleased to introduce a new service for our members – the AFF Knowledge Centre. You can view it HERE.

What is the AFF Knowledge Centre?
It is a resource designed to teach our members the “tricks of the trade” in a professional manner following a structured format. Material will comprise of training modules, video tutorials, webinars, downloadable ebooks etc.

Who can access the Knowledge Centre?
The Knowledge Centre is for AFF members only. You need to be an AFF member (and logged in) to view the content.

How does the Knowledge Centre differ from the AFF Discussion Board?
Much of the information found in the Knowledge Centre is already available on the AFF forums, as posted by our members. The Knowledge Centre is simply a way of structuring that information and presenting it in professional easy-to-read format.

What content is available?
The first training module “Frugal Premium Cabin Flying” has already been published and is available on the Knowledge Centre. Other training will be available in the coming weeks

Are there any costs?
Much of the material will be free! However, we do reserve the right to charge for some content prepared by others (see below).

Can I contribute?
Yes. We are actively seeking content providers. If you have specialized knowledge that you would like to publish in the Knowledge Centre, please contact admin by Private Message.

Material can take the form of a structured course (such as “Frugal Premium Cabin Flying”), downloadable content (eg. eBook), multi-media presentations (eg. video, podcast, webinar etc), or even access to specialized applications.

Content providers will be remunerated and/or share in the income generated from the sale of the content.
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