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Answered Interlining and Ticketing QF/QR Perth-Singapore-Munich


Nov 3, 2016
Howdy All,

Heading to Munich (and onwards) in December. Have managed to snag 4 x J seats (Currently showing Qsuites yay!) on QR/QF via Singapore & Doha. First Leg is QF up to Singapore connecting to QR onward to Doha and then QR again onto Munich. These are all on the one PNR so bags and ticketing won't be an issue. My wife, however, has a paid ticket on the same flights in J, but split over two PNR's the first PNR is the QF Leg from Perth to Singapore and the next PNR is the QR flights from Singapore to Munich.

I am aware that they likely won't check her bag through to Munich over two separate PNR's so I'll just check her bag in with the 4 of us but I understand they may only issue her a boarding pass for the QF leg in Perth and she'll have to collect another boarding pass in Singapore for the QR legs? If so will she be able to do this airside (I've read something about a transfer desk?) or will she need to physically go and check in landside once we get there? We have 3 hours up our sleeve so plenty of time without a bag, but just wanting to know what we are in for :)

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Jul 16, 2015
You can do this airside at a transfer desk. It’s worth asking if they will check bags the whole way.

I discovered at Changi as long as you’re transferring full service to full service carrier they can interline bags for you on separate tickets. Can sort it airside. I’ve yet to do this myself but will keep it in mind for the future.

I was also told by Air NZ they could interline and check through to Qatar and by staff at Changi and on social media avenues.

The wait at transfer desks to get sorted can be long IME.