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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by gwilli1, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I have just been listening to ATC tonight and noticed an anomaly on what QF posted as an arrival time for a couple of flights .

    QF464 wasn't cleared to land until 21.08pm by ATC , yet QF Flight status shows it landed at 20.58 , 10 mins earlier .
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    The same happened with QF466 ( i had family on this flight) , it was cleared to land at 21.15 yet QF Flight status shows it landed at 21.06 , 9 mins earlier.

    [TH="class: key, align: left"]QF464[/TH] [TH="class: key, align: left"]QF466[/TH]
    Melbourne Sydney Departure19:30 (Sun) Arrival20:55 (Sun) 19:31 (Sun)DEPARTED 20:58 (Sun)LANDED
    Melbourne Sydney Departure19:45 (Sun) Arrival21:10 (Sun) 19:47 (Sun)DEPARTED 21:06 (Sun)LANDED

    I know it was only 9-10 minutes on both cases , but found it strange they would post inaccurate landing times. Can anyone explain why this would possibly occur ? Is this data used to report "on time" stats ?
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    Live ATC (online) is delayed, so unless you were listening to the frequency on your radio, then that is the explanation. Otherwise, I'm stumped.

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