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Sep 6, 2012
SMH article, 'Default looms for millions of Australians' by John Collett, Personal Finance Editor has some interesting info besides the usual info on increasing risk of credit default which they put at 13% of Australians currently using credit.
The national average Veda score is apparently 760 which I find amazing it is so high. The article also indicated that like in the US, the move towards more comprehensive credit reporting will make it easier to implement 'risked based pricing' of loans in Australia.


Dec 4, 2013
Since subscribing to veda back in july, my credit score has more or less stayed around the same.

Surprised to find today that my credit score shot up 30 odd points. Upon checking I noted a new "contributing factor"

Credit enquiries from particular industry groups, which appears to partially improve my score (1 up arrow)

I didn't get any credit enquiry alerts the past few months, so I'm wondering what this is. As far as i knew, ALL credit enquiries were negative (or at best, non contributing). Didn't think that a credit enquiry could be a good thing?


Top one is from last month, bottom from this month. Not complaining, just curious.
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