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    Jun 18, 2002
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    HIH Royal Commission. Day 131. Wayne Martin QC examining Raymond Reginald Williams.

    Martin: "Could you tell us please if, on your frequent first-class trips to London, you booked the seat next to you for your briefcase ?"

    Williams: "I don't recall specifically. But that may have been the case, on some occasions. "

    Martin: "That your briefcase was also travelling first class?"
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    Williams: "That may have been the case."

    Martin: "Did you express the view to Qantas that this briefcase should be eligible for frequent flier points ?"

    Williams: "I can't recall that."

    Martin: "And were you subsequently informed that said briefcase would not be eligible for such points on the grounds that it was not, in fact, a person ?"

    Williams: "That may have been the airline's position on that issue."

    Martin: "Was that briefcase, from that point on, booked under the name of Casey Williams ?"

    Williams: "Casey Reginald Williams, AM."
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    Aug 23, 2002
    The story has been doing the round for more than a week. However, if you check the transcripts of the royal commission website there was no such examination!

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