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Hi from Perth


Nov 3, 2016

I've been lurking here for almost 3 years and after much help from the fourm I thought I'd finally say G'day and start contributing.

Both myself and my wife are VA WP and I'm also SG with Qantas. I fly Perth to Canberra in J almost every 4 weeks and at least once every 8 weeks to Brisvegas (You've probably seen me, the guy who looks out of place in J seat 1A with my dirty dreads, wondering WTF is this guy doing on here?). We also fly a lot to and from Sydney, Cocos (K) Islands and across the ditch to Queenstown with our 3 kids (12/9/7). Massive F1 Fan, slowly ticking off attending each race on the calendar and 8 years a Padi DiveMaster.

We've got a RTW trip booked in a mix of J & F for 5 pax (2 adults/3 kids) thanks to the posts in the One World Award thread for 8 weeks kicking off in December. Yes, we're the annoying parents who let their kids travel in J and F :). We've been travelling with the kids all over the world pretty much since all of them were as young as 2 weeks old . MY 12 y/o son is about to qualify on his own merit for VA SG (is it ok to call my son Scum?, lol). To add to the fun the entire family is plant based which adds a whole new dimension to flying and visiting other countries. Hopefully I can provide some of our knowledge we've accumulated traveling with kids and a shed load of luggage over the past 12 years off to those who are just kicking off the adventure of travel with little ones!

As this already sounds like a massive wank fest, I won't drop my wife's family travel blog link, until i've contributed some more to the forum, but hit me with a PM if you're interested.

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