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Question Hertz MXP (Milan) - will they honour my booking?


Established Member
Feb 14, 2010
Hi all,

I have a reservation at Hertz MXP for a month from late July to late August 2019, for a group T3 (Mercedes E class AWD wagon, winterisation), which I made about three months ago. Cost is slightly less than EUR 800 including all required insurance. At the time of booking, I knew it was an outstanding price, but it was available for sometime before and after booking, so I thought I’d just struck it lucky (again! - rented an e220 CDI Mercedes in France for 3 weeks last year in their summer for similar money).

I have peridically checked the rates and that car was not available when I checked about a month ago. I figured it may have been because it had winter tyres and my reservation was for the middle of summer, but my reservation still shows winterisation and the same price.

I checked the price again today and the car is now available again (still with winter tyres in summer!), but the price is now almost EUR 8,000 for the same dates!

Given this, will they honour my reservation at 1/10 the rate?

Also, will the winterisation be an issue? I note that they still have many cars with winterisation in summer!

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