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Help needed - best fare/SC/travel SYD-SFO with side options - for mid-June

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Oct 29, 2009
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Hi all, and especially system gurus. Looking for a way to get max SC and impact on a revenue trip to the US... before everything changes on 1 July.

I am a volunteer board member with an international professional society, and I have *just* been given approval to travel SYD/SFO in mid-June... Timing is what it is, unfortunately. Funding level is cheap Y (ie: Q/N/S etc. Junque class)

My guess is that I need to have an itinerary in place pretty soon, or risk losing even affordable revenue seating.

So here's the challenge:
* SYD to SFO (and back :D ), departing between 12 and 14 June 2014. Coming back no earlier than 20 June.
* definitely want to use this as a SC run with QF and OW. Could be interested in an option which gets me from back from PS to SG or better with VA, but I have less leverage there.
* there is around $2200 in the kitty to fund the trip (ie: enough to do a junque-class fare with QF)
* I can throw some points at the deal if points+cash works better
* I can spend a bit of extra time to do a milk run, certainly on the way back
* my mother-in-law lives in SRQ, so I can always justify a side trip
* my other mother-in-law (don't ask) lives in NYC, close to EWR but accessible from JFK
* I could justify stopping off in BNE for some days on the way back
* and... gee, it would be nice to have a better seat than Y

I've followed some of the threads on JASA and other options. OMG. I know when I'm out of my depth and it's time to phone a friend.

All advice appreciated.



May 29, 2011
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