Have I missed my flight? [120K KF points expire Feb 18]

Discussion in 'Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer' started by laffer, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Aug 21, 2008
    I have about 220k KF points. About 120k expire in Feb. I was saving them to go J to Europe or the US. I don't think I can go before expiry and space is limited on flights I saw even if I could.

    It seems the only way to extend them is to lose about 10%. Is that right? Any other way?
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    You can book before they expire to be actually flown '340' days or whatever it is on your chosen airline, into the future. So, Feb 2018 would become a travel date potentially out to Jan 2019. Does that help? That will provide you time to ensure you have enough points to fly at least in J class.

    Meanwhile, to keep QF points alive, buy at Woolworths on an Everyday Rewatds card. Also, if shopping on line, go via the QF on line shopping portal.


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