Has anyone sold frequent flyer miles to JetSet before?

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Nov 18, 2005
So there's this American company, JetSet, that acts as a mileage brokerage. People with miles they want to sell get in touch with them, and then they put you in their database.

They then find a customer who say wants to fly JFK-LHR J class. Rather than paying $4,000 for a "normal" ticket, JetSet gets in touch with mile sellers in their database, and sees if anyone is willing to book a ticket for that customer using their ff miles, being paid say $1,500 for it. If yes, the customer pays JetSet $2,000 for the ticket, pockets $500, and passes $1,500 on to the person who held the miles.

They have lots of guarantees, and have a good record with the Better Business Bureau in America. They're the only such brokerage that I know of that guarantees the ticket: they haven't had it happen yet, but they guarantee that if an airline refuses to honour the ticket, they'll refund the customer's money.

I'm considering selling miles to this service, as I have 54,000 Northwest miles that aren't very useful in Australia.

Has anyone used this service before?

And yes, I'm aware that it's against the terms and conditions of the ff program, etc etc

Here are their websites:

For selling miles
For buying tickets
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