Card Promotions Has anyone managed to obtain multiple Amex sign up bonuses recently?

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Jul 8, 2016
I am considering re-applying for Amex(es) after a two year break. I wanted to find out about everyone’s latest experience with Amex signup bonuses.

2-3 years ago, I managed to obtain signup bonuses for Edge, Explorer and Platinum Charge by doing the following in that order:

1. Edge - signup bonus obtained via Ascent.

2. Approved for Explorer - sign up bonus obtained via MR (I cannot recall if they tried to amalgamate my Ascent points into MR but if they did, I would have done what I did with platinum charge below. I think they did try).

3. Approved for Plat Charge (PC). All points amalgamated into Ascent Premium upon approval. Rang up to ask them to keep the points in separate programs (reason for my own accounting purposes). Waited for that to be processed then used PC for the required minimum spend. After PC sign up bonus credited into Ascent Premium, I then rang to have all points moved into my Ascent Premium account successfully.
The closest I’ve come to this is on my partner’s account last year: Velocity Platinum (100k bonus) downgrade to the free Essential and then getting a website/app upgrade offer 2-3 months later to an Explorer (80k and $200 cashback).

Now it’s all Ascent it’s harder to trick the system, I believe.

I haven’t been offered a straight up retention bonus in a while and haven’t heard any reports of this from other people recently, but it’s a fairly obscure way to get a sign up bonus without waiting 18 months.
Almost, but for my own dithering. I recently got an Explorer. Then Velocity emailed me with a generous offer to get another Velocity Plat - this was the last Amex I held 18+ months ago. The offer had no caveat about being an existing customer. I got side tracked doing the application and the subsequent links sent through by Amex to complete the application could not be opened. No way to complete the application. Quite bitter about their service on this, even though I created the situation. Each of the 4-5 agents I spoke to refused to believe that the offer had no new customer only caveat.
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