Guest opinion Rewards - complete surveys and earn Hilton Honors points


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Oct 4, 2013
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Yesterday I noticed an email from Hilton to do some surveys and earn points, similar to Red Planet (qantas).

Figured that I would try it out while watching the cricket yesterday and pocketed 3500 so far.
Hilton Honours Guest Opinion Rewards program
Anyone else used this able to share their experiences and frustrations?

This seemed to be invite only, I joined HH earlier this year and only have 7 nights, so unsure on the criteria they used.

Observations so far:
* long reward lead time, 6-8 weeks has been quoted
* surveys seem to take twice as long as they're indicated
* many surveys don't have any status bar indicating the progress, which is frustrating
Same boat. I nibbled at the offer while watching the cricket too. 1250 points for the first survey. Looks like about 200 points for subsequent surveys. Lots of details to provide prior to starting surveys. The one survey I did was for Vanguard and Bluescope. Took ages and mostly completely pointless questions about how I'd rate the companies treatment of employees and DEI efforts. HTFSHIK??? Won't be rushing to do any more.
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The time estimates are for people a lot quicker than me. I've completed one, after earning the 1250 points, and will leave it there for now to see what happens. In common with a well-known super model, I do not get out of bed for 150 points for 15 minutes (or maybe 30 minutes).