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Nov 30, 2009
Credit where it's due,

I have seen many experiences on AFF where people are emailing complaints to QF and then don't receive adequate follow up or responses in reasonable time frames so I thought it important to give some balance from my experience below:

I had an ex-SIN sale fare that I wanted to date change the return leg, unfortunately it seems that if you have upgraded 1 leg of a booking you can no-longer make date changes online (something QF is working to fix apparently).

As a result I phoned the Platinum line who made the date change but weren't able to explain the change fees the system was applying or waive the call centre service fee. I accepted this at the time as I needed to confirm the booking during a holiday period.

I sent a follow up email querying the charges and was happy to receive a response about a week later stating the justification of the change fees applied and a refund of the call centre service fee.

Overall happy with the service from QF and the recovery from the initial experience which wasn't great
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