Getting to LHR with QF or BA deal

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Dec 17, 2004
I'm planning SYD-LHR return with a stopover in each direction (SIN & BKK) and currently trying to find the best way to do this.

I always want to use QF where possible to try and do upgrades but something else has occured to me that might be worth trying:

The current BA deals where you get upgraded in one direction from SYD-LHR are great (for the direction you're lucky to be up'd) but I wonder if this is proving popular and with the low number of WT+ seating available on most flights, they must be giving a few op-up's to high status customers in order to do this?

So I thought I may have some luck if I bought a WT+ return with BA and take the free upgrade to J one way. In the other direction if enough people have bought their WT tickets under this deal then they might need to bump me up to J again! I'm OW emerald so after the BA Golds I'm fairly high in rank...

any thoughts on this? anyone seen this happen?

If I don't book it this way I will just do QF all the way and hope for upgrades to clear.


Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
I would seriously consider the BA option here. At least if you don't get the op-up (and don't count on it, but its quite possible) then you have a semi-comfy seat for the flight. With QF, unless you are paying for J and upgrading to F, you may very well be stick in 31" Y seat for the long flight - in both direction.

I would be taking the guaranteed WT+ seat with an upgtade to J in one direction rather than taking the waitlist chances.
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