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Jul 21, 2004
I need a back up in Papeete. For some unknown reason, the IC PPT is fully booked one of the days I need it-7 July. BTW, that is the ONLY day in July it is fully booked in every category, not just the reward category. Every other day is wide open.

So I have identified the Sheraton as a suitable back up. However, I am not yet in SPG and have no way of accruing points in their program except for the Amex Rewards program. The problem is that I called SPG in Sydney and they said I can't transfer points unless I have some activity on the account. I live in Brisbane, there is no Starwood property here.

Other than the RTW trip in July 2007, our only travel plans are a P&O cruise in Dec. It goes to Vanuatu & New Caledonia where there are Meridien properties. I understand you can get points for meals at Starwoods even if you don't stay there. Has anyone tried this? I also know about the 1-800-flowers and I do have people in the States I can send them to but on FT people are complaining they don't get their flower points.

So if anyone has any idea to get "activity" on a SPG account (yet to be opened) I would appreciate it!
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Not open for further replies.