FRONTIER AIRLINES JUST UPDATED...can I get some clarification?

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Jan 23, 2005
Hi all,

This email came in tonight and I fly tomorrow morning LA time!
I'm travelling Frontier from LA.(If my VA flight gets in!)
Do I get the discounted Checked bag? (Ticket and was $20)
Do I need to checkin online to get the discount?
Is my laptop(backpack) classed as under the seat?
They have just sent an updated email:

Especially when it goes back into your pocket.

We've lowered our fares and we're changing the way we charge for travel services. This email is an overview of the changes we’ve made to always offer you Low Fares Done Right.
Beginning today, anyone booking at will be offered lower fares and a new way to select add-on services – including the ability to select your own seat, to purchase a carry-on bags, and to buy a checked bag. With this new approach to pricing, Frontier is committed to giving you a better overall value because you only pay for the services you will use, rather than including them in the price of your fare. In addition to saving you money, the new add on structure will help to ensure you have a better travel experience with Frontier – from now on you’ll have a better chance of getting the seat you want and over the next few months you'll find you no longer have to worry about finding space for your carry-on bag in the overhead bins. Plus, these changes will help us get you to your destination on-time as we’ll have fewer bags to check at the gate.
Here’s how it all works – we will offer two types of fares:
Classic Plus will continue to be our fully refundable fare that includes a carry-on bag to fit in the overhead bin, a checked bag, advance seat assignment, priority services and more.
Economy will start with an amazing low fare. The price includes your flight and one personal item that will fit under the seat. Then, you pay for the add-on choices you want, such as:

Learn all the differences between our two fares here.
Frontier's Discount Den
Together with these changes, we are introducing Frontier's Discount Den, a club whose members can receive discount fees on bags and access to ongoing promotional savings opportunities. Frontier's Discount Den members save $5 off their carry-on at time of booking and $5 off their first checked bag at check-in. Membership is free through June 2015 for all EarlyReturns® members and you have been automatically enrolled! Make sure you are logged in to your EarlyReturns account to start saving!

We invite you to learn more on our website and look forward to having you onboard soon.
Learn more about EarlyReturns

At Frontier, we’re committed to offering you Low Fares Done Right.

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