From the City of Churches to a weekend in SIN.

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Oct 10, 2006
Hi all,
last week I had to travel to SIN from ADL for a weekend. Luckily it was in J on SQ so I got to experience the Silver Kris lounge in ADL and SIN. I'm sure there enough people who fly J on SIN, so I'll focus more on the hotel and lounge parts.

Flights: SQ 269 to SIN, SQ268 to ADL (both in J).

SilverKris Lounge
Having been proudly told at checkin that the Silver Kris lounge "is the only international lounge at ADL Airport" I felt compelled to spend as much time in there as possible (twas lunchtime and I was hungry). Didn't even pick up my usual copy of "The Economist" on the way.

The lounge itself is downstairs below departure, so you clear immigration, turn left and head down the escalator.
Access was simple, the lounge lady was very nice and pointed out that she would call when the flight was available. Since there was a grand total of two international *A flights from ADL that day, this is not an onerous task :)
The lounge itself seats 70 odd, in a large room with a central partition. Two large flat panels are visible with just FTA TV. Comfy seats and cushions.

The toilets (M) have toothbrushes available (but no paper towels - dispenser empty) and are very clean. Showers are available (two I think).

Other points of note:
Wireless Access (the free internode based one) is spotty. Make sure you are at the southern end of the room (near the entrance) to log on.

Food: Good - better than ADL QP
Party pies, pasties, small rolls. All very tasty.
For those that worry about such things, there was no gluten free option (rice crackers, antipasto etc).

Beverages: Usual assortment of soft drinks. Hot stuff was Pot Coffee and good selection go Twinings tea.

Important info - the Bar is Self Serve!
Beers: OK selection
Coopers Pale, Corona, Crown, Tiger, Boags
Wine: Poor, trilogy champers, Shaw Smith Sav Blanc, Lover's Lane Char. Red?
Spirits: Good. Bombay Saphire (didn't care after that :mrgreen:), Johnnie Black, Absolut

Noise: Average noise when half full. No quiet area for phones. One guy was conducting his monthly sales review with his team across asia. He was a rather loud and it was mildly amusing to hear him berate one rep then go "Malaysia, you're up!", "India", "Thailand" etc. I'm glad he's not my boss!

True to her word, we were called to our flight with about 20mins to go before boarding close and the lounge quickly emptied.


The plane is B777-2 with 2 class seating (777-2 v2 on seatguru). Despite what seatguru says, it is not AC power in the J seats, it is an empower connector.
Flight itself was extremely enjoyable. Raffles service beats QF business hands down.


Hotel Stay: Grand Hyatt - downtown SIN

The rooms are big with separate bedroom and bathroom - I was in a grand deluxe suite.
Two TVs as standard with decent cable selection (ESPN and BBC world is all I really care about though). Internet access is both wired and wireless, but outrageous at $25 a day. Not rolling 24hr period either. There is a free business lounge downstairs, but they don't allow you to hook up your own machine.
<rant>I really wish that hotels would give up on the exortionate fees for communications access, most people use calling cards these days and there is no justification for charging a months ADSL access fees for a weekend. US hotels are getting the message, how about the rest of the world? </rant>.
As a nice touch, they have complimentary Asian WallSt, Straights Times, Nat Geographic and The Economist for each room. Having 'The E' for free was enough to stop me complaining about internet charges for about an hour :)
Note: The lift card access system means you can't access floors other than your own - so watch out if you need to meet someone at their room. If there are several of you, best try to get all on the same floor.

Food options are good if a little pricey. Breakfast buffet was $38 SIN. You get your eggs cooked to order and there is a great selection of fruits,
Upstars, 'Mezzanine(9)' has 'world fare' selection - 9 different styles of cooking with either buffet or a la carte depending on the time of day.


Was on the redeye, so didn't get a whole lot of cabin experience. It's a regional J seat, so quite comfy to doze in, but I wouldn't say I got a deep sleep. If you really need to be refreshed on arriving in to ADL, I'd juice up in the lounge, skip the post takeoff coughtail and ask to be served last when breakfast comes round. With decent earplugs and nightshades, you should get a good 5 hours undisturbed.

Immigration through the new terminal is a breeze. They had 5 officers for one flight of about 200 people. I was actually first through, so it was a total of 5mins from disembarking to walking out the door to my car. Not a bad way to finish a flight.


I don't know when I'll next get to do this leg, but the experience was enough to get me working out how to score more PPS sectors....


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Sep 24, 2004
Nice to see another new trip report writer mainly tailfirst :)

If you want the longhaul SQ product you'd need to go from MEL (some flights) or SYD/AKL/CHC (all flights) - also more PPS sectors from AKL/CHC than from ADL/MEL/SYD.
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