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Fly overseas from Avalon

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Yada Yada

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Dec 6, 2004
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Fly overseas from Avalon

Friday July 14 2006
Michael Auciello

LINDSAY Fox is going to bring the world to Geelong's doorstep. The Avalon Airport owner yesterday said the airport must start offering international flights if it's going to continue the rapid growth it has experienced over the last two years.

Mr Fox, in town yesterday, told the Geelong Advertiser about plans to start flying to destinations within a 12-hour flight. "If you look all around the world today you'll find that the secondary airports have taken a very strong position in international movements of people,'' he said.

"International activity is a platform that we should be trying to get through Avalon. We should be looking to Honolulu and all the Asian ports that Jetstar are contemplating moving into in the next couple of years.'' Mr Fox said the flow-on effects of Avalon becoming an international terminal would be enormous.


"If the Victorian Government has got the vision that's necessary for the growth and development of Geelong, we'll work on that (making it international) as soon as we can,'' he said.

When asked whether he thought the government had that vision, Mr Fox paused before replying: "I don't know''.

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Perhaps a bit of kite flying???


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Nov 30, 2004
Why not... throw in another tin shed and call it an international airport.

Personally, I'd say it hardly rates as a regional airport.
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