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First time upgrade eco to business - need help

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Jan 16, 2015
Hi guys

Im looking syd-sin-hkg with some stop over for return 2adults 1 infant. I am planning to purchase flexi economy E booking. Then using miles to upgrade to business class.

My questions:
1. By purchasing flexi economy ticket, i have many options to choose what time i can travel. By using points to upgrade to business, is that mean my flight time will be the same ? Or it depends on business class availability ?

I am facing dilemma, i am paying flexi economy around $3000aud. And prefer to have A380 or 300er flight.

Any other suggestion will be helpfull.

Thanks guys
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Dec 1, 2010
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Hi bbqwer

The upgrade will be for the same flight that you have booked, so you may have more luck with the upgrade if you choose flight times that may be less popular with business travelers.

SQ can be a bit difficult to upgrade with sometimes and it's a difficult decision, particularly when you have to spend the extra $3,000 first to be able to have the ability to upgrade. It may be worth calling the Krisflyer call centre to see if any seats are available before you book.

One thing I've found is that often upgrade seats aren't available, but if you check a few days before the flight if there are unsold seats they'll often release them for upgrades. I've done this a couple of times. One time I called one day and there was no availability, but calling again the next day was successful. Note though that this will usually be the full award cost, not the business saver upgrade so you'll burn more points.

You can also just book the cheaper fare, and if a couple of days before travel a seat opens up, you can pay the additional amount to upgrade your economy fare to flexi and then upgrade.

Good luck!



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May 15, 2004
I am facing dilemma, i am paying flexi economy around $3000aud. And prefer to have A380 or 300er flight.

Any other suggestion will be helpfull.

Thanks guys
You could do searches for redemptions prior to booking your flights. The same pool of award redemption seats can be used for Saver bookings as Saver upgrades. so if the sectors have the availability for 3 adult savers, then you can be pretty sure of booking the Flexi tix, then going online and getting the upgrades.

I'm wondering about the redemption rate for the infant. Looking at the T&Cs it says "A child or infant nominee requires the same number of KrisFlyer miles for travel." So to upgrade the 10% infant fare will cost same as the adults. Maybe check with the call centre peeps.

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