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First time booking- need help

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Dec 25, 2005
I am a silver member with approximately 220,000 points and I am trying (for the first time) to actually use them.

I want to take a holiday to Europe in July 2006 with my two children. While there are seats avilable on the flights to Europe there doesnt seem to be any thing available for the return to Australia. I was hoping that by booking upto 8 months in advance I would be able to get something.

Can some one please advise me on what to do? We were really looking forward to this holiday.
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1) Be flexible with dates . ..dont limit yourself to a particlar day or week.. unless you need to be there for an event

2) Be flexible with departure city .. trying from sydney? try from bne, mel, and even perth

3) Qantas is not your only airline! - you can use your points on any oneworld airline that flies au-europe...this includes british airways and cathay pacific...they may cost you a few extra points, but chances are you can get good times ..and experience something else other than QF

4) Round the world ticket ..again..this costs slightly more points than a basic return, but if you can get return flights this is your answer. You also get to see some other destinations for little more flying time!

5) Be dodgy - sell your 220k points to someone for cash and buy the tickets outright, on the dates and times you want

6) Accept Defeat - Points are seen as a "bonus", not a right. So accept that QF has scammed you and just pay for the darn flight.

7) Pay 1 way, use points 1 way - Award flights are done on 1 way it could be better to use points getting there..and paying for a return.

8) Double Trips - Fly over on June 1, 06, return trip may 10, 07 (points) ... book a return trip from your destination to australia for a year .. it may cost you less than 2 trips would and you get to visit a 2nd time!

9) Get more points - and try for seats in business or first class.... eight months out...your chances are not too bad

10) Keep the points - and use them to fly somewhere else later on.

11) Find a Platinum friend - QF platinums get access to a greater inventory of award seats...where you cant find an available date..a platinum might be able to (and book it for you!) ..platinums can also request seats be opened up while SILVER CANNOT

12) Be a pain in the ass - Call the FFSS 10+ times every day asking for exactly the same flights until they get sick of you and give in.

In any case, 200k odd points will only get 1 person return to europe in Economy...true it saves a few bucks but it might not be the best use of points. If you use points on one of you, might I suggest using them for someone with ZERO status with QF ...and pay for a ticket with the person with the highest status they get all the bonus points + SC

Happy Holidays :)


Dec 25, 2005
Thank you very much for your response. I'm going to look into some of your suggested options.

I expect to make a couple more trips to Europe for work and hopefully will have more points accumulated by then... however I dont see the point of that so much now.

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Dec 23, 2005
first time booking need help

I have had a similar situation in the past and have over come it by booking the outgoing leg on points and not booking anything for the return journey for the moment. You then need to check a couple of times each day on the net or ring to see if FF seats are available for your return journey. If you are ringing you have to say that you want to book a seat using points rather than asking if there are any seats available as my experience has been that if you sound like you are making an enquiry the person at the other end of the phone often doesn't even check before telling you that nothing is available. Also be flexible with the return date.

If you are going to do this you must also be constantly checking seat availability on return flights in case you do end up having to pay for the trip home.

I have always managed to get a FF seat using this method either on the day that I have wanted to return on or at least within a couple of days of it.

Good luck
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