Fiji Horror on Pacific Blue

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Jun 20, 2005
Is it SRB's restriction? I thought it was SQ that forced the limitation? I.e. no airline that operated internationally was allowed to use 'Virgin' in the title - other than V Atlantic of course. Shame really, I think that Virgin Pacific would do rather well as a brand.


Can't be any international airline because of Virgin Nigeria which is more recent than DJ. (For that matter, the now defunct Virgin Express & Virgin Sun both operated internationally as well). So I would guess it is the license from the Virgin group rather than a restriction from SQ.

Of course, where there is a will there is a way - I am sure if the Virgin group was given equity in the pacific carrier then they would be able to name Pacific Blue & V Australia 'Virgin Pacific' and the NZ ops could be 'Virgin New Zealand'.

Of course as it stands there is nothing at all stopping DJ from dropping the Virgin moniker all together - V Australia could replace Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue and V Australia - and V New Zealand or - V Pacific, V Australasia, V Oceania for all the operations? (OK, none of these are good names but you get the idea).
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