Fear of Flying Course report

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Dec 1, 2003
Hi all

This is my first post here. Many of you will know me from Flyertalk so hi to everyone.

I have always had a fear of flying to a certain extent but did not let it stop me flying. However earlier this year I had to cancel a trip to Europe (sister's wedding) due to panic attacks (principally due to Sept 11. I had not flown at all since that day.)

Anyway I enrolled in the Fearless Flyers course (http://www.fearlessflyers.com.au/ ) which I have just completed yesterday. The course finished with a QANTAS flight Mel-Syd for the day with lunch at Bondi. As you would well be aware it was a fine day and not too bad for flying.

Anyway the course and the day went fine. Although I was nervous flying there were no panic attacks and I coped ok. Most other people doing the course also reported good results.

A number of people contributed their time and expertise to helping the group including a number of women pilots and a Qantas captain. I can't thank them enough for all their help.

I found the course worthwhile and would recommend it to anyone with a fear of flying. The course presenters are genuinely interested to help people with their problems and their results reflect this commitment.

Now i Just have to deal with my second fear. Does anyone know of a fear of Qantas inflight food course?

cheers Peter

PS The name "Open Discussion" for this forum is a little plain. How about a groovy new name - say "Milesbuzz'? :)
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