Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging


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Dec 31, 2011
Met my first billionaire on QF 7 to Dallas a couple of weeks ago in the form of one Michael Canon-Brookes. Travelling with his family in J. Landed up having a good chat with him in the J mini lounge. Really nice, down to earth bloke.


Jul 22, 2013
Why would a billionaire travel commercial?

Most private jets simply don't have the range for Australia-USA nonstop. Even fewer would for SYD-DFW. You're looking at needing a Gulfstream G650 for that range most likely, which not even that many people have. Even with billionaire money, there's still a waiting list for one.
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Aug 30, 2013
I saw Manu the chef going into the special domestic CA lounge. Can’t remember what the lounge is called, the secret door one!


Sep 17, 2011
Buddy Franklin at an AA lounge in Los Angeles. My husband and I had a drink or 4 with him while waiting to fly to Las Vegas. Nice bloke despite playing for Sydney (though he was with the Hawks at the time)


Jul 5, 2018
LT Gold
Not sure if there is a standing thread on this somewhere else deep in the bowels of AFF, but if not I thought I'd kick it off.

Today I caught QF445 from SYD to MEL, and can report that we were graced with the company of:
- Alan Jones (the parrot)
- Julie Bishop (Fed education minister)
- Nick Green (oarsome foursome alumni)
- Julia Gillard (now Fed deputy oppn leader - with a new haircut)
- Theo Theophanous (Vic minister for industry & state development)
- and Stephen Mayne (from Crikey and Glenn Milne fame)

Any other notables on your flights recently?

It wasnt recent in fact all of these were years ago but has included:

1. Duchess of York (i think thats what she was) Sarah Ferguson QF2 LHR SYD in P class ... I sat in 1J she was in 1A.

2. Bono - BA LAX -LHR we both sat in row 1 ... had a good chat with him, met his delightful wife and daughter. Seems we had mutual friends in Australia ... go figure.

3. Jimmy Barnes and family - QF2 BKK -SYD in P he and his wife Jayne sat in 5EF I was in 5B.... chatted the whole flight about music in the 70's .... I am a 70's boy.

4. Greg Norman QF12 LAX -SYD in P got his autograph for my son

5. Judy Davis QF 11 SYD LAX in P she was in 3A I was in 3B... never said a word

6 Harry Connick Jr QF11 SYD LAX in P he was in 2JK with his girlfriend I was in 3J.

7. Jody Meares ( when she was James Packer's squeeze) QF11 SYD LAX in P she was in 2K I was in 3K

8. Bob Carr and his wife QF1 SYD LHR in P my family sat in row 6 behind them and he spoke a lot with my kids about school . This was just after he finished up as NSW premier and was going to Germany about some manufacturing deal he was involved with.

9. Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny in J SYHNL. This was really funny as my daughter was a swimmer and she asked Lisa for her autograph . This she enthusiastically supplied and then asked my 8 year old daughter if she wanted his ( pointing to Grant) to which my daughter replied "whos he" .. we all cracked up.

10. Various CEO's including James Strong, Bill Dix (when he was at Ford), Lindsay Fox, Bob Jane.

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