Extended Warranty Claim for Credit cards?

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Rewards' started by SOPOOR, Jun 20, 2011.


    SOPOOR Established Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    Was wondering if anyone has done one of these before,

    about 3 years ago, I got a huge tax refund, so went out and bought 3 x nokias outright for family members, $3k all up,

    well, surprise surprise approx 14-16 months later all 3 phones are stuffed, it is quite common with this model, and has turned many off nokia for life

    anyways, have submitted an extended warranty claim, which we paid for at the shop via our credit card,

    today, after resubmitting paper work about 1 year ago and again a few weeks ago, which we forgot to follow up,

    they called and asked us why we bought so many phones, and was I a business?

    I explained the situation to them and that was that but are we not allowed to resell or buy for a business???

    I couldnt find any terms and conditions that stated anything could not be used for business use?

    I sincerely they are not going to be difficult with my claim!
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