Europcar - simultaneous rentals....Can it be done?

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I thinking of renting a vehicle to drive to BNE, leave in the QF valet park (3 points per $ unlike VA), fly to CNS, hire a Europcar for the few hours I need it, drop it back off to CNS, fly back to BNE pick up the car from QF valet and drive back home and drop it off.

Has anyone done this before? Can it be done? Two open bookings in the one name at the same time. If so, does both rentals count toward status?
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Aug 15, 2012
It should be able to be done.

I hired two Audi A5s for my wedding from Europcar, both in my name with additional drivers, had one for 5 days and one for 3 days.

That was from the same pickup location as well.
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