Empty QF check-ins

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Nov 3, 2005
Returning CNS-BNE last Thursday for QF 655 at 1640, I checked in about 1430 to do the usual work finalising in the QP before flying out.

There was one staffer in the QP line and one at the far end of the stables for the "groundfeeders" (must be careful here!) in a counter of about 10 lanes from memory.

My bad luck of course but the only people in the QP lane were apparently media team who had all sorts of boxes, bags, ladders, trolleys etc to go. Afetr a while the QF checkinchick suggested I might go down to the "economy" end as she was very busy with all the media crap.

Was no better down there as a large (numbers) family was checking in and was getting nowhere. After about 15 mins another CiC slowly wandered out and opened another lane as there was quite a queue building at both ends waiting for TWO lots to finalise. I should really sue QF for the extra 25 chardies in the QP I had to have to cool me down and its subsequent effect on my dwindling brain cells.

I know they don't have to permanently open all lanes but this is getting like Woolies on Saturday morning with lots of lanes closed at their busiest period.


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Jun 4, 2005
i arrived at YEG from YZF the other morning. had 3 hours to go before my flight from YEG to ORD with United Express. not a soul in site for check in until 2 hours before the flight. Then when checked in with about 1hr 50mins to go i had to wait again for US Immigration to open ...

it's all part of the travelling experience i reckon. i downloaded pac man to my mobile phone and set a high score of about 20000 points - in the end i was pretty pleased with myself and the immgration guy was nice and the flight was on time.;)
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