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Earth Black Reduction in points for ATO Payments

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Dec 10, 2007
I've just received my latest Westpac Earth Black statement and there is a note on the last page:

"Effective from 09 November 2014, we will be introducing some changes to the Westpac Earth Conditions of Use. For payments to the ATO using your Earth Black Mastercard, you will not earn any Qantas points. For payments to the ATO using your Earth Black American Express card, you will earn 0.75 Qantas points. For further information please read the Terms and Conditions at Westpac - Personal, Business and Corporate Banking"

So after Amex cutting ATO payments to 0.5 points per dollar and Citibank not awarding points at all we now have Westpac awarding no points for using Mastercard and cutting the American Express points in half. Unfortunately it may only be a matter of time before other banks also cut the ATO points earn.
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Not open for further replies.