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Earning changes due to fare class alignment

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Dec 16, 2011
So this is my int:

US 2213 JFK-DFW (U) 
US 1491 DFW-AUS (U) 
AA 1484 AUS-DFW (V) 
AA 1412 DFW-MIA (V)
AA 2404 MIA-SJU (V)
US 1256 SJU-MIA (U)
US 63   MIA-PHX (U)
US 1754 PHX-AUS (U)

I'm flying in Nov which takes effect after the alignment. Now according to AA, U class used to earn 100%. However, due to the recent alignment between AA and US fare classes this has effectively wiped U off the map which technically means I don't earn anything.

American Airlines and US Airways have reached a milestone in our integration efforts to align our fare class codes (inventory) with the transition of US main cabin fare classes over to their AA equivalents.
The implementation of the main cabin Fare Class Alignment is effective September 13, 2014 and applies to all US marketed fares (US or US*) for flights operated September 17, 2014 and beyond.
Tickets issued with the below criteria will require no action or reissue by the agency.

  • All US marketed fares (US or US*) ticketed before September 13, 2014 will use the current US Airways fare class structure.
  • All US marketed fares (US or US*) ticketed after September 13, 2014 will use the current US Airways fare class structure for flights operated before September 17, 2014 and the new fare class structure (identical to AA's) for flights operated on or after September 17, 2014.
The matrix below should help illustrate the cutover dates.
So technically they're not obligated to re-issue the ticket and according to this since I travel after the 17/9 on U, that means I don't earn anything. I called AA Plat desk, they're not too sure and since they couldn't contact the department that deals with this they told me try and callback later. This was a semi-mileage run + sightseeing so I'm a bit disappointed if this doesn't happen. I'm sensing that I might be SOL but I hope you guys have some input that could help me?
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