DXB - ATH flight replaced

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Oct 13, 2013
I get connection anxiety especially after last year connecting from SYD-MEL, MEL-LAX on the QF93.

I had 2:50 connection time at MEL, however this was whittled down to 0:45 due to delays in the incoming. Just made it - (only because QF93 was running a tad late) in spite of express lane at Mel which was not an express lane as many know. Was the last to board but did think of nicking up the escalator to get a drink at the Flounge but that was dashed when they announced my name to get to the gate. Incredibly the bags made it too.

Maybe the reason QF93 was running a tad late was because it waited for me?


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Nov 1, 2011
We have used QF points to fly RJ on the DXB - AMM - ATH route. This might be an alternate option if you haven't got your flights sorted yet. The DXB - AMM flight leaves at around 8am from memory which would fit well with your arrival into DXB but I haven't looked for availability.


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Jan 20, 2016
Update: On the day, QF9 was late arriving from LHR. We were advised of the delay even before we left the house. EK107 DXB-LCA-ATH was replaced with QR1023 DXB-DOH and QR211 DOH-ATH. The family was upgraded to J the day before, so the delay meant use of the MEL business lounge. We wouldn't have had the chance if QF9 was on time. This also resulted in longer stay in DXB. So used my Priority Pass to get in on Dubai Intl Business Lounge.
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