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Duty Free


Active Member
Jan 14, 2010
Going on a cruise from Sydney around NZ back to Sydney, and wanted to get some ” Gordons Pink Gin”don’t think cruise ships have it yet but can get it at most duty frees, Quistion) can I buy it at a duty free in Sydney and take it onboard ( I know it will be confiscated on embarkation and get it back at the end of the cruise)if this is ok do I just have to show our cruise ticket , ID etc at a duty free in Sydney ? Or can I buy it anywhere on the cruise ?, other times we have bought it at the airport duty frees , but we going to Sydney from Perth . Thanks in Advance .


Jul 4, 2002
Definitely check before you buy spirits Duty Free.Mrsdrron wanted me to buy another bottle of Bombay Star of Siam gin duty free as she turns the bottle into a table lamp.
Duty free at SYD-1 litre was $80.BWS had it on special 2x700ml bottles for $80.Plus I got 2000 bonus points for spending $55.


Established Member
Feb 16, 2009
In terms of the cruise, yes to both. One issue is in Sydney there aren't many duty frees now, just at the airport and Rocks, so you'd either have to detour to international airport to their duty free just for that, or go to the rocks one, which has a limited range so may not be able to get it there anyway.

As for NZ, it's then a question whether you see a good deal at any of the NZ duty frees in town - may only be Auckland.