Downgrading from Centurion to Platinum

That’s right Hilton Diamond for as long as you keep the Centurion. Apparently, 10 years of Diamond gives you lifetime status. I wonder if you still need to actually meet stay requirements. Doesn’t appear so according to this article:

Though can 2m base points come from credit card redemptions (as poor as they currently are compared to airline redemptions).

I’m going to try for Marriott lifetime Platinum - can’t split my stays to get there on both loyalty schemes.

Marriott does have a stay requirement:
You need to have either the 1000 nights or earned 2M base points as well as 10 years of Diamond.

The base points are earned on stays. I don’t believe points transfers count.
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Thanks for the heads up. I think 10 years of diamond I can do through Amex assuming that partnership lasts that long.

Might just have to pick a side and side with Marriott.
FYI - I've submitted my cancellation request via email. Let's see if they make any attempt to retain my business.

But, its safe to state that the Centurion is a total waste of money unless you are spending $1.5m+ on the cards... and even at that spend level/points redemption, the benefits are borderline.

Amex Platinum provides basically the same service, with better benefits and at a substantially lower price.
Clearly the solution here is to raise the price for Platinum

Platinum is a volume game for Amex.

I know of a number of clients who cancelled their card when Amex increased the fee from $1,200 to $1,450pa.

The solution is for Amex to provide substantially more benefits and services to justify the $6,500pa fee for the Centurion card. Clearly their target market can afford it - its just about adding enough value/benefits.
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I think that at $1450, Platinum is just within reach to be aspirational but not outrageously so (I can't believe I'm saying that) - it is essentially a coupon book with a line of credit.

Centurion is purely aspirational - there needs to be something extra for the AF increase. If it continues to be pitched merely as a travel agent, then we all know travel agents who can do our bidding for no retainer and would be glad for the business.

The solution isn't to increase AF on Platinum or strip back its benefits as people wouldn't pay the AF then. The solution is to increase the benefits (aside from the 'X' factor) with Centurion.
Just had my 'cancellation' meeting with my RM - no retention attempt and ultimately, an admission that the 'only' real difference between Plat and Cent was access to the RM.

Amex also reminded me that I will have to pay a joining fee (was $5k when I initially joined) should I get 'invited' again...
I have come to the conclusion that Centurion is a travel service who you pay a $6,500 annual retainer to. Your RM is your travel agent who is available during business hours - just like an old school travel agent.

For the rest of us (like me) who book their own travel then it's a credit facility with a coupon book which is somewhat the same as the coupon book that is the Platinum card. We just need to decide if the extra points earn is worth the extra AF over Platinum.

There are no other perks and some of the urban legends we hear are just that - urban legends - they're not true. It is a status symbol otherwise, that's where it begins and ends.