Does QF WP = SQ PPS?

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Mar 19, 2006
Does QF Platinum Status = Krisflyer PPS?

It would seem that QF WP status = OW Emerald = First Class priveleges on OW carriers.

However, SQ PPS only gets you business class lounge access with SQ and only Star Alliance Gold. (No F Lounge access at all)

Also, you can easily get WP status by doing 1 DONE4. I doubt you can get PPS or even Star Gold with a RTW J ticket with SQ or other star carriers????

Any thoughts?

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Jul 1, 2002
Star Alliance don't really have an equivalent to oneworld Emerald. As far as I can figure:
Star Silver = One World Ruby = QF PS
Star Gold = One World Sapphire = QF SG

It seems that each * carrier has it's own third tier that doesn't necessarily correlate to other *carriers. PPS Club has been downgraded significantly this year, as no longer grants access to First Class Lounge, and whilst there are nice little gifts that arrive every now and then, I think QF WP is superior (100% pt bonus and first class lounge access are examples of this - although I do note that due to difference in burn rates, 100% bonus on QF is only equivalent to a 40-50% bonus on SQ).

If you choose the right program (eg bmi or Air NZ) you should be able to get to Star Gold on a J class RTW.


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Mar 6, 2005
Further, the highest tier in the PPS Club is Solitaire PPS (TPP) rather than PPS (QPP). QPP status used to allow entry to SKL F if one is flying C, but in an effort to make the PPS program "more exclusive" :rolleyes:, holders of QPP are only allowed access to SKL C unless flying F - no different to non-PPS pax holding a C bp.

TPP status allows entry to the SKL F, however unlike WP - there is no longer Anytime Access, after the 1st Sept enhancements.

PPS status can only be obtained by flying SQ or MI in C or F. You now have to contribute S$25 000 of revenue to attain QPP, and $250 000 within 5 consecutive years of QPP membership to attain TPP.

And no you no longer get little gifts. :( The elimination of the requalification gifts and birthday vouchers are aimed to save the airline more than $5million a year. And don't ask me where I plucked the figure from. ;)

So in some ways, I'd say WP status is even better than TPP from a benefits POV.

FWIW, there is also Krisflyer Gold which is also a *G tier. It is earned after 50 000 status miles on any *A carrier. It does not get you into the SQ lounges in SIN, because they aren't 'designated *G lounges.' Like all other non-SQ PPS *Gs, KF G only entitles access to the SATS lounge in SIN, the 'designated *G lounge.'

If you just want easy status, go for AC*G (Aeroplan Elite) which can be had for 35 000 Qmiles on *A carriers. Easy peasy with a CRWSTAR1 (29 000 x 1.25). The burn rates aren;t the best though. Or you could try matching your WP status over to BD to achieve BD*G, and then you'd only need 38 000 Qmiles on *A carriers to requalify (it is 3000 for blue plus + 19 000 for *S + 38 000 for *G = 57 000 miles to qualify the first time round otherwise). BD is probably *A's answer to AAdvantage in terms of earn/burn, especially with Cash and Miles.

In addition to C lounge access (Clounge? ;)), you have excess baggage allowance and priority baggage as official alliance-wide *G perks. Which in some ways makes alliance-wide benefits of *G better than OWE.
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