Dodgy security checks

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by spiggy_topes, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. spiggy_topes

    spiggy_topes Member

    Nov 9, 2006
    Sunshine Coast
    Took a flight from Milan to London at the end of last week. A younger chap was seeing off his parents at the airport and accompanied them through security as far as the metal detectors. They went through and he gave them a final hug - right through the metal detector! The alarms went off but nobody seemed concerned. I was close behind them and noticed how easy it would have been to slip a gun/knife/whatever through.

    Admittedly Italy is one of the last places I'd expect anything particularly dodgy, but it makes you wonder why they bother with the checks in the first place.

  2. SeatBackForward

    SeatBackForward Established Member

    Jun 20, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
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    It gives the Proles a warm and fuzzy feeling without having to actually address any real issues.
  3. Mr_Gimlet

    Mr_Gimlet Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    You are a bitter and cynical person, but, on this occasion, pretty much spot on :p

    I didn't stop laughing when Amanda Vanstone did her 'how to kill someone on a flight' speech last year, because she was right. Like in Godfather III when the mafia guy is killed with his spectacles.
  4. SeaWolf

    SeaWolf Active Member

    Jan 24, 2007
    It was amazing the number of people who came out of the woodwork to say it was a very stupid thing for her to have said, but I don't remember anyone trying to tell her she was wrong. :p

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