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Jul 4, 2002
Tonight we tried out a new Devonport restaurant Charlottejack run by Ben Milbourne who came 5th in the 4th series of Masterchef.We saw him do a cooking demonstration at the Woolmer's Rose Show last weekend so thought we would try it.
First Ben at work and the restaurant.

The menu constantly changes depending on the local produce available.Tonight's menu.

At first thought it was maybe a bit too smart and trendy for us but we were wrong.The dishes are for sharing.We started with the broadbeans sans chilli and the mushroom soup.
The broad beans were young and you eat pod and all.Nice but not a wow factor.On the other hand the soup certainly had the wow factor.Fantastic.

We then shared the pork belly and the beef cheeks.Without asking the beef cheeks were served without the chilli so mrsdrron could share.
The pork belly was wonderful.Lovely flavours.Our favourite.The beef cheek was so tender yet moist and tasty so still very enjoyable.
We decided to share the apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert.

So definitely recommended.
No Amex.
Wow. Dining sure has changed from the last time I had a meal in Devonport!

I enjoyed Milbourne's Tasting Tasmania show a lot. Might check this place out when next down.
We used to go to Tassie twice yearly to bump in/out our son who was studying at AMC in LST. After disembarking the Spirit, in the morning we always headed to "Laneway" just off Steele Street on the other side of the Mersey from the Spirit. Great breakfasts at reasonable prices and excellent coffee. Always set us up for the arduous drive on to LST.
Wow. Dining sure has changed from the last time I had a meal in Devonport!

I enjoyed Milbourne's Tasting Tasmania show a lot. Might check this place out when next down.
The other good thing is that after being open 4 weeks you really should book if you want a table but there are several chairs at the bar which are kept for walk ins. A good policy IMHO.
The other good thing is that after being open 4 weeks you really should book if you want a table but there are several chairs at the bar which are kept for walk ins. A good policy IMHO.
Good to know. What's the capacity like? (Can't get much of a sense from the website or their social media pages).
There were 24 at the tables and probably about 16 spaces at the bar-4 didn't have a chair but did have plates etc.
PS-book through their website-submit a message and they email or ring you back.
There were 24 at the tables and probably about 16 spaces at the bar-4 didn't have a chair but did have plates etc.
PS-book through their website-submit a message and they email or ring you back.
Thanks for that.

Any good restaurants in Penguin? It's likely we'll be spending time there next visit.
Thank you both. El Perro menu looks quite varied - not normally a good sign but might suit us on this occasion.

Appreciate all your write-ups @drron Most helpful.
On the Monday night we made the hour's drive to Devonport from Lonnie to go to Camiille Bistro.Situated in the Sunrise motel but a beautiful French restaurant.We had been twice before and again it did not disappoint.We strayed from our Tasmanian wine journey to have a Sancerre here.very nice too.
Mrsdrron had the special entree-Coquiiles St.Jaques.Beautiful.
I decided on the Escargots a la Bourguignonne-baked snails in garlic and herb butter.Not a visual dish but they tasted superb.Local snails too.

For mains mrsdrron had moules et frittes.Now we love our mussels.These were the biggest sweetest and best mussels she has had.Done in a white wine and cream base.

I had the Poitrine role de porc Pomme Boulangere.Rolled pork belly with potatoes,mushroom,onion and speck.Delicious.Probably would make a better winter meal.
We were too full for desserts this time.
The only disappointment was the great French waiter has left.he now has a cheese shop in Brisbane.
Definitely recommended.
Back working in Latrobe so Devonport is just down the road.Mrsdrron joined me for a week.She was just getting over an infection so the first night she just felt like something simple and quick.Our go to place for this is the Ellimatta hotel just past the CBD on the way to the Mersey river mouth.views to the Spirit loading up.
We had a bottle of a local Sav blanc.Mrsdrron had the half serving of the roast of the day.
Cost $10.A bargain.That day it was roast pork.
I went with the seafood basket.
Certainly not gourmet food but reasonable quality and included calamari,scallops and prawns as well as the fish.
Cost $29.
So not an expensive place,popular with the locals and usually a quick turnover.
The second night it was back to an old favourite-Drift at Mersey Bluff.
It has changed and is now into shared plates.This concept doesn't worry us as we eat Asian food a lot and always share now how many of us are eating.We had a bottle of Ghost Rock Sav. Blanc.For mains we shared their seafood platter-
It was really nice.The fish looked like it was overcooked but was perfect.possibly due to being dukkah coated.Calamari,oysters,tuna sahimi and kingfish gravlax.
We then went for desserts.Creme brulee for mrsdrron and kaffir lime pannacotta for me.
Both were fantastic.Hardly anyone on the restaurant.Doesn't seem to please the locals or the trip advisor warriors but we will be back.

The other feature of this place is the view.
Thursday and another of our favourites-Camille french bistro.Now this is a classic French bistro.It isn't fine dining though many TA reviewers think it should review is based on the bistro concept.
So a wine i hadn't seen on any list before.
So a small family winery on an estate on the East Coast of Tassie which has been there for 180 years.I presume Rooflyer is aware of the property.It was pretty good.
So to the food.mrsdrron started with one of the specials-coquilles.Her appetite was not back to normal so she had another appetiser for her second course-a salmon plate with prawns and an oyster.
She enjoyed both.
I went for beef.Started with a country beef salad.Then a Faux fillet Bordelaise-porterhouse with a red wine and bone marrow sauce.
The beef salad was pleasant but not impressive.The steak was great-moist,tasty and cooked perfectly.A really good sauce and I certainly could have this again.
This place is popular with the locals and best to book though some did walk in.
On mrsdrron's last night in Devonport we went back to Charlottejack.It was one of the few restaurants open on Sunday night but we enjoyed it just after it opened.It obviously hasn't proved popular with the locals as virtually empty.The restaurant is one where dishes are for sharing and that is not popular.
We had a bottle of Derwent Estate pinot gris.
The colour surprised us but it is a very good wine.
The restaurant is run by Ben Milbourne who was on Masterchef and has had a couple of TV shows.
We started with a plate each of baby corn with Pyengana cheese and sharing a miso marinated roasted cauliflower head.
Mrsdrron thought the cheese overpowered the corn but I loved it.Cauliflower was a bit moist but we both loved the taste.
We then had the pork belly with shiitake mushrooms and tender and we both loved it.
Our last dish was new on the menu and we had the first one served.24 hourcooked fillet with asparagus,shallots,corn and celeriac.
Absolutely beautiful.We were full so no desserts.
We did notice that the table of 4 beside us ordered individually.We really like the concept of sharing here so if back in Devonport will definitely go again.
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I have no issues with sharing - I took my better half to CharlotteJack for Valentine’s Day, the set menu had share plates, 7 courses with matched wine, they tasted great...... But we only got a taste each (and a glass each), in all it was about an entree each. While the dishes were really nice and a credit to Ben, I would never return or recommend the place. However nice, the size was beyond a joke. I’m glad you left full, I went home and had to reheat leftovers :(
So I am working back in Latrobe for 5 days only and on the whole time so rather than cooking I will try some different restaurants.First up is a real find right here in Latrobe-5 minutes from Devonport.Belly's bar and grill in the RSL building.Open 7 days from 7am until late.I wasn't expecting much.They had a special entree of Spring Bay mussels in a white wine and cream sauce with garlic,parsley,chorizo and sun dried tomatoes.
Absolutely beautiful.Large succulent mussels with a great sauce.One of the best mussel dishes I have had.
Then I had the crumbed scallops.Another large dish.
A bit too much crumbs but the scallops were perfect.moist and tasty and of good size.
With a glass of Ghost Rock pinot noir it came to $44.70.
Some brief reviews.Anzac day with most places closed I went back to the Ellimatta pub and had the roast which was once again the pork.
Not gourmet food but simple and a huge serve for $20.I couldn't finish.So if you need a quick meal that is not too costly it is not a bad choice.

Friday for lunch I went to the Laneway Cafe.Haven't been before but it gets good reviews.I had a sweet potato soup and salt and pepper calamari.
The soup was great and the calamari cooked just right.Recommended.

Friday night and they have a market at the new Council precinct.Hardly anything there.But I thought the dumplings looked OK so ordered the chilli variety.The woman doing the cooking asked if i like things very spicy-sure do.And they were.Tasted great.
The place was Dev's dumplings.
On Sunday night I was going to go to CharlotteJack again but it was closed.Apparently Ben Milbourne had been filming for a new show all day.So I went to La Pomme in the Quality hotel.I started with 6 oysters kilpatrick and then had the scallops with pistachios and dukkah.
The oysters were probably the smallest I have ever had in a restaurant but still nice.
The scallops were perfectly cooked but the combination with pistachios and dukkah IMHO just didn't work.
With a large glass of a Tassie pinot noir-$66.90.Not tempted to go back.

Monday lunch and I tried XoXo cafe in the Devonport mall.Intrigued as they advertise Afghan and Korean food.Decided on Afghan as not all the Korean dishes sounded korean-eg Mongolian beef.
So I had a lamb achar gosht.
I loved it.Not chilli hot but a lovely combination of spices.Enjoyed it much more than Australian Indian cuisine.Definitely recommended.$23.
Thanks for this thread, some good ideas for when we are next down in the Ulverstone area, definitely will try XoXo.
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