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CX's dishonourable media release


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Jun 7, 2013
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CX is under pressure from the mainland communist Chinese government in a few ways, and has apparently been the subject of social media condemnation in mainland China.

It has also sacked - "let go" - at least a couple of staff who participated in the ongoing Hong Kong pro-democracy demos.

Its media release of 14 August 2019 is a new low in corporate doublespeak and disinformation.

At the bottom it says it "reiterates its firm support for the Hong Kong government, the Chief Executive and the Police in their efforts to restore law and order."

But it's that very government (a puppet of Beijing) that's broken the commitment to keep the Basic Law until 2046! This was agreed to in 1997 when the Poms withdrew.

I have used CX a few times in the past. It's now on my no fly list.

(And this is the company whose out of touch Chairman said "customers (sic) prefer our new 10-across Y seats." ) There's a separate AFF thread on that.

I hope some who fly frequently make their displeasure known to CX at its approval for Marxist thuggery in Hong Kong.


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Jul 1, 2002
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Yes, but not surprising, given that the airline is partially owned by the Chinese government (~30% of shares held by Air China).

Interesting article:
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Dec 18, 2009
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As far as I understand it, CX has only fired 2 people and that was for disclosure of private information (passenger identification) to the media - the HK Police soccer team travelling to China to play, apparently.

Of course the press release and internal memos from the CEO aren't ideal, but there are a few ways of looking at this:

1) these 'official statements' from CX appear to take a tough line and support the government
2) on the other hand, Chairman John Slosar has openly said that CX can't, and wouldn't dream of, attempting to dictate the opinions of their staff
3) this may be CX merely keeping up appearances with Communist China whilst doing as little as possible - it would be different if they were embarking on mass sackings of anyone who posted something on Twitter supporting the protests
4) the statements distinguish between legal and illegal protests - which implicitly endorses the actions of everyone involved in the authorised protests

As many others have observed on the HK Twittersphere, the protestors feel they have achieved a lot because the Chinese are now boycotting CX and visits to HK and Taiwan. Thus these places/services are now all more attractive for other Western and Asian tourists :p

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