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Customer Complaint Contact - Virgin

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Dec 3, 2006
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Does anybody have a "more direct" contact to customer services at DJ. I see the form on the web, but would rather not fill that in. I would rather write to someone at an address.

The reason is for a complaint, and an attempt to have a dinner expense reimbursed after a cancelled flight.

They did credit my original flight, paid for hotel for the night, and put me on the next flight in the morning.

Everyone has their reasons for being upset with a cancellation, however I missed a farewell dinner/drinks for a colleague that night, and most of our regular monthly meeting the following day.

I had checked in online at about 8am that day for the evening flight (Mel-Syd). I am not sure what time DJ became aware of the time of the cancellations, but noticing the other cancelled flights for the day I can only assume that craft was o/s for most of the day.

By the time I arrived at the airport, QF was full, and there were no more DJ flights available that night. My point is that they have all my details, and had I been contacted earlier I may have been able to make other arrangements. I even arrived at the airport 2 hours prior to departure to see if I could get an earlier flight.

Still holding a bit of a grudge I guess - any thoughts... am I being too petty here? Should I bother making contact with an individual, or just fill in the form?

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Apr 19, 2006
They used to have a direct number but withdrew it due to too many aggressive calls coming in, so now they only deal with the public via the web form.

Even as agents, aside from the DJ Reps, the web form is the only option.

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