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Converting approx 1 million CBA points to ???

Richard Bowen

Oct 7, 2018
Hi All, first post so hopefully I get it right ... have searched and can't find an answer.

Like many people the demise of CBA/Amex has resulted in us opening another CC - for us it's ANZ.

But I'm wondering what to do with the approx 1 million points sitting in the CBA loyalty program? No, transferring them to you isn't what we were thinking :)

I now fly predominantly QF, so my ideal scenario would be to convert them to QFF points, but that's not allowed (have to link to QF and then only new points are converted). And an even more ideal scenario would be if CBA offered a bonus points conversion like the current offer from other banks into Velocity.

Family of 5, thinking of a Europe trip mid-2019, so ...
  1. Convert to Velocity and maybe then into Kris Flyer ... to pay for some of Europe trip?
  2. Buy Europe trip via Flight Centre conversion (which is allowed by CBA) ... looks like 1 million points is enough to get 5 of us one-way to Europe, could maybe then use QF to get home?
  3. Something else?
Be grateful if anyone has any tips. What are the key things to consider? What have others done? Any chance of CBA offering a decent conversion / bonus promo in the next few months?


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
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I would definitely be transferring the points to an airline (and NOT using for Flight Centre vouchers!)

Converting to Velocity and then KrisFlyer is certainly a good option. CBA does have various other partners, but for a trip to Europe I think VA and then KrisFlyer is really the best option.

Oh, and welcome to AFF!

Richard Bowen

Oct 7, 2018
Thanks @Mattg. Think that's the way we'll go.

The whole thing with CBA is underwhelming - AMEX closing, not participating in the 15% Velocity program. Definitely time to use these points!

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