Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant

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Apr 15, 2009
While I know it's not the fount of all knowledge when I googled Quantas destinations and had a look at the list on Wikipedia it's fairly amazing the list of destinations that Qantas has flown to at some stage but no longer does.

I've always heard the way to approach wikipedia is by looking at the references.

It's certainly an impressive list, but I do wonder how many of those destinations just so happened to be when the kangaroo route did in fact require 10 different stops along the way (since there is no terminated date)
However I will concede, there is one additional country I didn't consider in my count, PNG...
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Mar 30, 2007
Just finished reading this. Bought it in SYD T3 and the guy at the bookshop seemed pretty pleased, they had sold 100 copies in the last week. Forgot to ask him how many of those sales were to QF FAs :). Not long before I started reading 'disaffected former employee' between the lines. Didn't stop me enjoying it though, just a bit wary about the jaundiced views of the author.

Loved the corporate speak toward the end about 'in the red' being the good attitude place vis a vis customer service, while 'in the black' is apparently really bad and negative. Left me wondering whether that newspeak imbues the accounts department (AJ to CFO: 'is accounts in the red zone today Mr Bean Counter'. CFO [beaming]: 'yes Mr Joyce, truly we are in the red today'). Be interested to hear other QF staff thoughts on the book.

Re the 40 countries, the 'about the author' blurb comments that the author while working for QF travelled to over 40 countries, not that QF travelled to them all. Not sure what was said on TV.

cheers skip.
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