Comfy dress vs Acceptable dress

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Jul 22, 2008
And I try my very best to avoid airlines that don't gives pyjamas to those travelling in business

Really a bit short sighted, but you are only restricting yourself.

It doesn't take much preparation or space to BYO PJs on the likes of SQ or CX (or whatever alternative attire tickles your fancy), and you can then select your carrier of choice on the basis of the things that you can't do for yourself - like safety record (OK, so may SQ should be avoided), catering (hmm, CX not the best around), or routes and transit locations (maybe EY isn't that great), consistency of service (QF may hand out PJs, but would you like apathy with that?).
Oct 13, 2013
And I try my very best to avoid airlines that don't gives pyjamas to those travelling in business.
Etihad and Singapore - you know who I am talking about! :p

And if your your favourite PJ supplying airline runs out on your flight?
First class passengers demand to be let off Qantas flight¿ because they couldn't get XL pyjamas | Daily Mail Online

You can get these for $20. You could wear them on EY and SQ:D
Men’s QANTAS Business Class Pyjamas Peter Morrissey Cotton L/XL | Pants & Jeans | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast City - Ashmore | 1177285624


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Sep 17, 2012

I have picked up a couple of pairs of PJs via AFFer member generosity - will be wearing them next week on Etihad :)

Husband: What if the FAs say something about wearing (QF or EK) PJs on their flight?
Me: You politely tell them to toddle their butt up to F and get us a pair of EY PJs to wear :)


Mar 21, 2015
Has anyone seen someone in “proper” pj’s like cotton stripey ones? I’m sure I did once.
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I must be soooooooooo lazy. I couldn't be bothered changing, even on long haul. I honestly don't believe comfy and acceptable are mutually exclusive. I think the greatest event since Armstrong walked on the moon was stretch denim. Some of them now are simply amazing. Nice looking yet incredibly comfortable. I may slip off a belt and stow it, but actually going to one of those broom cupboards masquerading as a lavatory and changing into PJ's is a streeeeeeetch (;)) too far for me, especially as I don't wear PJs (although that is likely tooooooo much info for the average 4umster)!


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Jan 25, 2017
^ Yeah ... if you don’t wear PJ’s to sleep, that might be just a tad too much for any setup which doesn’t sllow 100% privacy ... :)


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Jul 28, 2016
Never forgotten how out of place I found myself when I was upgraded from Economy to Business in DXB, flying DXB-AMS having come off overnight MEL-DXB in Economy.

In the planning for this long haul flight to AMS, I had specifically worn my oldest, rattiest tracksuit pants as I'd planned on ditching them in AMS, a hoodie, a beat up superman t-shirt with holes in it, and thongs. Having just balled my eyes out to wreck it ralph having been an emotional wreck after taking one too many sleeping pills washed down with whisky... I've never felt more out of place in my life.

Now in the points world (so F/J) - usually a pair of dress shorts and a shirt, transfer into SQ PJs once onboard to sleep/rest, then once I've decided I'm done sleeping and/or close enough to arrival - change back into normal clothes.


Sep 17, 2011
Qantas turned the cabin lights off around 3 hours into flight after 5:00pm departure yesterday.
That’s the bikkie chuckers letting everyone know that service is over...

As an aside, if I’m travelling Y, I change into black leggings, black t shirt and whip the bra off. Black because I’m a slob and always manage to spill something down my front and black hides everything.
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