Citi Points Transactions

Nov 16, 2008
Hi All,

This seems like a stupid question, but I can't see a way to view my Citi Prestige points in a transaction format. Like with AMEX, where you can see every transaction and how many points (including bonus points) it earned.

Am I missing something? On the app pressing on my points balance just gives me the balance... and the transaction history just shows the cash transactions.

I've never found a way to determine how many points an individual transaction is worth either. Won't be a problem for too much longer as everything will get moved on to NAB platforms (just have to hope they won't nerf the Citi cards in the process...)
That part of the Rewards site is sort of useful in that it tells you how many points on a given day you earn (which is better than nothing), but alas does not go down to individual transaction level in a way that say, Commbank, does (which is annoying). You could probably reverse engineer the earn and bonus rates for each transaction, but it's still a faff and not at all transparent...
I don't see any breakdown - just the number of points earned each month.
Although not easy to get to, I can find this least it provides some details, but you've no idea what each transaction relates too...

I know pizza hut and aldi gives 2 points/$, but costco warehouse is 1 point/$, so's other random small supermarkets.

bpay and government charges like AHPRA gives 0ppd.
Does anyone know if stores like Bunnings, Good Guys JBs and Harvey Norman give 2 points oer dollar. Still not sure what Major Retailers is defined by.

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