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Citi Call Centre useless

Jun 18, 2018
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Has anyone got a great experience with Citibank Call Centre?

Not for me, for my citi prestige/signature card....

Here is my story:

I applied for the prestige card, got a call after one week been told they can only offer me a signature card, I accepted. After I got the card with letters, there is no mention about the 300k promo points(400k for prestige). Before I activate the card, I call them to confirm I will get the 300k promo points if I meet the monthly requirement, they told me YES, then I activated the card.

However, after 1st month with met the requirement, no bonus points. After 2nd month, still not bonus points.

Called them, been told I am downgrading a card, not a new card, so no promo applies to me...

Called them a few times, asked them to check the call record that the lady, who I spoke to before activate my card, told me I will get the promo. All the CSR are useless, they have no idea what the promo is, why I didn't get it but I should get it....even the manager/supervisor.... called them a few times, no one knows what I am doing...

Finally, got a snail mail letter from citi, in the letter, they said they can't get me the original 300k offer, but they can provide me with a one-off 120k points with $3000 spend in first 3 months. Without other options, I accepted.

3 months passed, with meet the spend requirement, now I call citi to get the point, CSR again have no idea what I am talking about.....

man, I have spend a lot of time and energy on this, so sick of Citibank now.

That's it, citibank(AU)


Established Member
Aug 3, 2014
You cannot expect to get the original promo, one of the terms and condtions of the promo is to be approved for the card, and you didnt.

You should also respond to Citi in writing to the letter you received for better effect. Or just create a formal complaint thorugh their system or call and ask to lodge a complaint. The complaints team does have a very thorough and managed process, ticket number, case manager etc.


Established Member
May 9, 2006
Have you tried e-mailing them from within Internet banking? The service there is slightly better than call centre.